Study in USA

Study in USA


Study in USA

Study in the USA

The United States of America (USA) is a federal republic in central North America, stretching from the Atlantic in the east to the Pacific in the west.

It is now a very attractive republic for studying, in addition to offering us the opportunity to study while studying, in our free time we can enjoy the beauties of nature and various US attractions such as national parks, amazing skyscrapers of New York, numerous natural wonders all the way to sunny beaches. Hawaii, California and Florida.

The main US attractions that are also interesting to visit are the White House in Washington, Florida Keys, Niagara Falls, Manhattan (skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty, Central Park (), Los Angeles which is the center of the film industry, the Grand Canyon one of the main attractions in Arizona, then San Francisco and the magnificent Golden Gate Bridge and various other interesting destinations and beauties of nature.


The United States remains the world leader in international education, and the most popular states for international students are California and New York. The United States ranks fifth in the number of Croatian students studying abroad. The United States offers a large selection of quality higher education institutions with more than 20 million students. Private colleges and high schools are paid, while public colleges are an excellent and much cheaper option than private colleges. Of course, it is possible to transfer from private to one of the American universities in order to continue their education and obtain a degree.

With a (F) student visa, you have the opportunity to work on campus part-time jobs (up to 20 hours per week) during the semester, and full-time during the holidays. Students who decide to do student work while studying will get to know the business world and the way of working and open their possibility of realizing the American dream. While other students who choose to use their holidays for adventure and exploring the US will relax in the beauties of nature and the many beautiful beaches that provide us with activities such as beach volleyball, surfing, speedboat riding, wave skiing and many other activities .


USA offers two basic types of higher education institutions: colleges, which usually offer only undergraduate study (undergraduate study in the United States usually lasts four years), and universities, which are larger and have a richer selection, offer undergraduate, graduate, and graduate studies. A special type of college is liberal arts colleges, higher education institutions based on the development of critical thinking.

The most popular types of colleges are community colleges, which are generally much cheaper and more affordable. It usually lasts two years, and upon completion, it is possible to transfer to university studies. Nearly half of undergraduate students in the United States attend public college. They are recognized throughout the state, enrollment is easier because academic requirements are lower or non-existent.

To enroll in American colleges, you must pass the American State Matura – SAT – which consists of two parts: SAT Reasoning (reading, writing and math) and SAT Subject tests, which consists of subjects required by the faculty to which the student is applying.

You can choose between family accommodation, dormitory or apartment. While each of these options has its advantages, staying with a family has the added benefit of immersing yourself in American / Canadian culture. Both Canadian and American universities offer numerous scholarships to international students. Some are intended only for graduate and doctoral students, some are for athletes, some for excellent students, some for those who need additional financial assistance.

University accommodation: YES (Hola mediation)

Scholarships: YES (Hola mediation)

Student job: YES (with permission)

Study in English: YES (taking IELTS or PTE, preparatory course of academic English)


What does it take to apply to college in the US?

– translated and certified high school certificates

-passed SAT exam (SAT Reasoning exams mathematical and language skills, and SAT Subject exams knowledge of one subject of the candidate’s choice) for enrollment in undergraduate studies (some faculties require additional exams ACT, GMAT, etc.); in Canada only certain colleges require SAT

– TOEFL or IELTS exam passed above the threshold prescribed by the faculty (usually above 6.5 in total, or not less than 6 in certain parts of the exam)

– application form

– student visa

– motivation letter in English

– recommendation of a professor (often two)

– additional documentation at the request of the faculty

– for enrollment in graduate studies in the USA, passed the GRE exam (verbal and mathematical part and writing an analytical essay) and a specific (knowledge of a particular subject, depending on the study being enrolled) part

– to enroll in MBA programs in the US passed the GMAT exam – all additional active

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