About Us

Hola International School is an international language school that offers students the opportunity to improve their English and Spanish skills. We also provide enrollment in high schools and universities around the world, in addition to a variety of programs. Canada, the Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, Denmark, Italy, Germany, and the United Kingdom are just a few of the countries with which we’ve spent a few years in cooperation.

We are at a lovely location in Alicante, Spain, a lovely port city at the foot of the Santa Barbara Castle. This ancient quarter is home to a diverse religious and architectural legacy, including the iconic Explanada de Espaa (Spanish Boulevard), a popular local hangout.


Summer programs in English and Spanish, taught by native speakers, are our expertise. We provide classic, science and filmmaking program. Our students learn the language through a traditional schedule that comprises 20 hours of lectures and additional afternoon seminars and activities.  If you’re interested in natural sciences, the STEM (science) program is for you. It consists of 25 hours of weekly lectures and workshops in biology, chemistry, physics, and botany, as well as several laboratory experiments.

By enrolling in one of our programs, you can expect an unforgettable experience that will provide you with not just language knowledge and skills, but also an introduction to numerous scientific subjects, allowing you to get a greater understanding of science and your future educational choices. Expect a lot of spare time, which you can use to connect with other international students as well as learn about this lovely coastal city.


You can enroll in a separate “Filmmaking program” at our school, which is run by professional film teachers. Students should have no prior expertise or understanding in this field. They will have the opportunity to socialize with other young filmmakers from all around Europe and build an audiovisual project that they will all work on together, as well as receive first-hand experience with professional cinema equipment.