Study in Switzerland

Study in Switzerland


Study in Switzerland


Switzerland is a federal state in Central Europe. The capital of Switzerland and the political and administrative center is Bern, and the other major cities are Zurich, Basel, Geneva and Lausanne.

Switzerland is a predominantly alpine country known for its beautiful landscape, deep lakes and mountains. This is a country where studying, working and living is a special pleasure and that is why it is very easy to fall in love with this country and stay here forever.

The capital Bern is the first destination where you can explore and see many sights and enjoy various activities, one of the activities is to swim in a clear river from which you can enjoy the city atmosphere and at the same time the beauty of nature.

In this city you can see more than 100 fountains, many historical figures and various statues related to culture and history and the famous botanical garden that you can visit, this garden is a symbol of this city.


In your free time, you can enjoy the beautiful nature of Switzerland, various winter activities such as mountain sightseeing and a magical view from a helicopter that takes tourists on a tour of Switzerland, skiing or walking and relaxing on one of the many lakes in this country. provide a special view.

Some of the tourist destinations you can enjoy every day are the Rhine Falls, the Swiss National Park full of mountain pine forests and fast rivers, then the best mountain destination in the world and it is St. Moritz which is surrounded by various hotels and luxury restaurants, beautiful forest and lake and many other special destinations that are hidden in this magical land.



• high educational standard

• an ideal destination for living, studying and working

• is located in the heart of Europe near the largest European centers

• unique French, German and Italian cultural influence – multilingualism

• World Banking and Financial Center

• Many international business schools have their campuses in Switzerland

• developed tourism


Switzerland has three official languages: German, French Italian and the official language depends on the institution. Most institutions also offer a significant amount of study programs in English.

Switzerland has relatively high average living costs compared to other European countries. They range from 1300,00 to 1600,00 euros. The usual cost of renting a room in Switzerland is around 800 eur/ month. The best choice of accommodation for students are rooms in dormitories offered by universities.

The Swiss government offers rich scholarships to international students, however, most of these grants are awarded to postgraduate and specialist students. Scholarships from Swiss universities are available for other students. These scholarships are only available for one year of study, however, if you complete the first semester of study with excellent academic achievement, the scholarship can be continued, even increased.

Numerous Swiss colleges also offer interest-free loans of up to EUR 10,000 / year, which covers up to 40% of academic and living expenses. These loans must be repaid upon completion of the study. During their studies in Switzerland, EU students are usually allowed to work up to 15 hours per week (exceptionally up to 30 hours). Students can look for a job with the help of the university.

University accommodation: YES (Hola mediation)

Scholarships: YES (Hola mediation)

Student job: YES

Study in English: YES (taking IELTS or PTE, preparatory course of academic English

Universities in Switzerland where German is the main language of instruction: University of Basel, University of Bern, University of Lucerne, University of St. Gallen, University of Zurich

Universities in Switzerland where French is the main language of instruction: University of Friborg, University of Geneva, University of Lausanne, University of Neuchâtel, National Institute of Technology in Lausanne

Universities in Switzerland where Italian is the main language of instruction: University of Lugano

What it takes to apply to a university in Switzerland:

– results of the state matura with translation into English / German / French / Italian

– certificates with translation into English / German / French / Italian

– cover letter in English / German / French / Italian / English

– academic recommendations (professor)

– passed the appropriate language proficiency exam (IELTS, DAF, OSD, CILS, DELF…)

– portfolio for faculties of architecture and art

– elective courses – depending on the choice of studies

– Some studies have an entrance exam

– for master’s enrollment – undergraduate degree

-possible interview with faculty representatives

– additional certificates, certificates and diplomas

– copy of passport

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