The Vanguard School ES

The Vanguard School ES


The Vanguard School

Founded in 1995 by several parents interested in a more rigorous academic curriculum and character education, Vanguard continues to provide excellence in education in a safe, structured environment by adhering to its mission statement.

The Vanguard School is a school of choice serving students in grades K-12 from across the Pikes Peak region.  All of our teachers are highly qualified and committed to excellence in education.  Teachers utilize Direct Instruction coupled with a Core Knowledge curriculum to achieve student mastery.  Teachers use a classroom management approach based on the CHAMP’s model to encourage positive, respectful, on-task behavior from all students.

The Vanguard School high school is nationally ranked and consistently named one of the very best high schools in Colorado. Our high school provides students with a classical liberal arts and sciences college-preparatory curriculum. Through this curriculum, students develop moral character, master a deep foundation of knowledge, learn critical analysis, and become confident in communicating with others. Students engage in important, rigorous work in a well-structured, safe, and supportive environment and grow their talents and interests correspondingly.

We expect our students to attend college, and we prepare them accordingly. Students develop academic skills as well as the time management and study habits to succeed at the most elite colleges in the country. Each year we offer up to fifteen courses in which students can earn college credit, and our college counseling program begins working with students in ninth grade to ensure they are exploring opportunities and finding that right fit for after graduation.

What sets The Vanguard School apart:

  • Exceptional reading, writing, and math skills
  • Strong focus on virtue and leadership
  • Mastery of facts and skills
  • Emphasis on critical thinking
  • Focus on the classics and our country’s Western heritage
  • A traditional, classical education
  • College preparatory program