Max Reger Gymnasium – Amberg ES

Max Reger Gymnasium – Amberg ES


Max Reger Gymnasium – Amberg


Bavaria: Max Reger High School

Focus on the art of music

Max-Reger-Gymnasium is a public school that specializes in the art of music. It is located in the city of Amberg (which has a population of 40,000), in Bavaria. The school exudes a family atmosphere. The academic level is high. The school is recommended for music lovers. Music instruction is available to all students. Other activities include water sports, horse riding, theater club, etc.

The condition for enrollment is the German language level A2. If your knowledge of German is lower, our recommendation is to attend a preparatory course at GLS Berlin.

The school is attended by 500 students aged 13 to 18. All students are divided into groups of a maximum of 15 students supervised by 3 pedagogues who are highly qualified and certified. There is a family atmosphere in the school. The school encourages healthy competence and develops critical thinking. Music classes are free for all students. The music group offers trips where rehearsals alternate, performances along with short excursions. The school has two kitchens where students have the opportunity to prepare their own meal if they wish, a living room where they can relax after school.

  • Subjects: Music art, art, German, English, Latin, French, Spanish, religion, ethics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, geography, economics, history, social sciences, sports, physical education, computer science.
  • Classes: Monday – Friday from 8:00 to 16:00
  • Additional activities: cycling, hiking, hockey, tennis, rugby, football, horseback riding, dancing, skiing, music school (choice of instrument), gardening and painting ..