Teacher’s Training, Hola International School

Teacher’s Training, Hola International School


Teacher’s Training, Hola International School

Teacher’s Training is a course designed for English teachers who want to improve their language skills and teaching methods while having fun and gaining new experiences and friendships.


  • The course is intended to provide you with new ideas and learning methods that you can use once you return home.
  • The teacher education program is available all year. We provide specialized English teacher training. Our main goal is to help teachers to improve their language skills and gain new perspectives on how to teach their students.
  • As a student on our course, you will learn how to expand your teaching tools and methods and how to improve personal fluency in speaking.


This course is aimed at teachers who feel the need to expand their educational repertoire and want to innovate their strategies in teaching and learning methods (collaboration, communication, critical thinking, etc.). Participants will explore examples of approaches, strategies, techniques, tools, and innovative relevance, and prepare to create materials, tasks, and related experiences for students in an active learning environment.

  • Keep your teaching skills, ideas and methods up to date. Teacher training courses introduce ideas and concepts that increase confidence in the classroom.

This course provides an opportunity to explore and discuss current teaching methods and analyze ideas for current teaching methods. Practical suggestions and an emphasis on student motivation will help improve teaching skills in the classroom. Compare educational styles and practices in different countries and contrast the wide range of differences in approaches found internationally in your profession.


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