IELTS English Course

IELTS English Course


IELTS English Course


Improve the language without which the 21st century is unthinkable – English.

English is spoken by more than two billion people and is undoubtedly the most important language of global communication. English has been taught since preschool days, is present in all modern media, and is a basic prerequisite for employment.


In addition to modern teaching methods, our professional professors will teach you not only English and perfect pronunciation but also the customs, traditions, films, and music of the Anglo-Saxon culture.


IELTS Exam preparation course

  • 20 lessons per week
  • Classes start every Monday during the whole year
  • 1 lesson-55 minute
  • Class size 3-8(max.12)



Want to improve your language skills and speak with native speakers from the Unated States? You are in the right place. This program includes 10 hours of weekly group classes and 10 private IELTS lessons


You will take the first day an oral and written test and according to the results be placed in your correct English level.


This course is for students who want to get a certificate of English language proficiency because of the work possibilities or in order to study in English speaking country. We offer IELTS preparation course for each level(A1-C2)


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