High schools in England

High schools in England


High schools in England

England, the cosmopolitan avant-garde, the medieval spirit and the latest trends – Britain is always worth a visit! The British, known for their humor, are proud of their tradition and love their royal family. Important trends in terms of music, fashion, design and art, of course, revolve around the capital – London. Those who want to behave “very British” will explore old castles in rural areas, large national parks and small coastal towns.


The British school system enjoys an excellent reputation. Its trademarks: high quality standards, practical teaching and the principle of individual support. Compared to ours, compulsory education in England starts at the age of 5. Many British schools in the last year of the so-called. secondary schools do not accept new students. The reason for this is the General Certificate of Secondary Education (GCSE), a type of high school diploma. In general, there is a difference in England between public schools and private schools. You can either attend a comprehensive high school (comprehensive schools with a sixth grade), a grammar school or a college (sixth grade college or college). High schools have a strong academic focus, and colleges train you professionally. Students are classified into classes according to age, and have 3 to 5 subjects.


Make sure England has a lot more to offer than just a queen, time for tea and football. English boarding schools and private schools are known around the world as sought-after educational institutions with a long tradition. Those who pass their education here or part of their education already as young people have a clear vision of what they want. Until the eleventh grade, there is a very extensive composition of the course, and after that, from the so-called 6th form, there are greater choices. Students choose three to four subjects independently. Not only because of the excellent boarding schools or private schools, but also because of the mentality of the British, students from abroad have always felt welcome.


Our host families in England are witty, kind and cordial. You are treated like a real family member and therefore have the same rights and obligations. Follow the rules of your family, be open and helpful. Then you’ll settle in quickly – and love “the UK”!

AGE: 13 – 19 years (under 13 on request)

START: September / January / April

DURATION: 3 months / 6 months / 10 months


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